5 highest-paid coaches of cricket

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Diamonds are expensive but people do not buy them until they properly cut or polished. Coaches play the role of something of that sort. Cricket boards do not shy out paying their head coaches hefty sums to who will give right directions to their players and the whole team

Here are the highest-paid cricket coaches in Ascending order of getting paid.

1. Misbah-ul-Haq – Pakistan (INR 1.79 Crore)

Misbah Ul-Haq (AFP Photo)

Thier was a time in history of Pakistan team when only 1 player out of 11 was making runs and still was facing people’s anger for slow run rate.

Even the sexiest voice of cricket Harsha Bhogle said once that “people should not blame the sole bread earner of the house” during those times. After his retirement in September 2019, he joined as Pakistan’s Head coach. The legendary player receives 1.79 crores per annum for his job.

2. Mickey Arthur – Sri Lanka (INR 3.44 Crore)

Micky arthur Salary
Photo: PTI

After lifting the Pakistani team from the worst phase in their history of cricket, Micky Arthur the former South African (Proteas) was chosen as the head coach of Sri Lanka.
Pakistan won many matches and important international tournaments under his supervision. The current Sri Lankan coach begs a whooping 3.5 Crore in a year. He is the 4th most expensive coach in the world.

3. Chris Silverwood- England (INR 4.65 Crore)

Photo Credit: Gareth Copley

Chris Eric Wilfred Silverwood aka spoons and chubby was a right armed fast-medium bowler for England from 1996-2002. Currently, he is heading the English team, he is the head coach of Wales national cricket team. He is the third-highest cricket coach in the world and is getting 4.65 crores for doing his job well.

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4. Justin Langer - Australia (INR 5 Crore)


Justin Lee Langer aka Alfie was a left-handed batsman and had a long 14-year career from 1993-2007.
Lager was part of the dream team or the unbeatable when no team was able to beat the Aussies whether it was their home or away.
He is currently the head coach of Australia and receives around 5 crore rupees a year.

5. Ravi shastri - India (INR 9.5 Crore)


The bad boy of cricket Ravishankar Jayadritha Shastri, Despite his fight with Sourav Ganguly he managed to become Head coach of India.
Ravi Shastri was batting allrounder and represented India from 1981-1992. He is the highest-paid cricket coach in the world. He manages to get around 10 crore rs per annum. He replaced Anil Kumble (Jumbo) in 2017 and since he is the head coach of India.

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