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Just like the never-ending lockdown of 2020, expectations from an Indian girl
are never-ending.
Today, I am going to review a documentary film on Netflix
‘A Suitable Girl’. As it is a documentary I wouldn’t go much into the
technicalities, as I purely want to talk about the power it has to shake you from
within, but I also wouldn’t take the credits away from the editing, music, and
the camera team for its guerilla-style filmmaking. Here’s my A Suitable Girl – Review.

Watch the Trailer of ‘A Suitable Girl’

The pauses in the edits take one through their emotional journey and with the music composed one feels more in connection with the entire story. This 1 hour 33 min long film shows the real hardships that a girl and her parents go through in society due to marriage.

I feel which is why a girl child is not welcomed within many families
even today in India.

The story exhibits the life of three women who come from different walks of life with a very different mind-set.

The most moving part is the way society looks at an unmarried girl who has reached an age where she is expected to get married and trust me when I say this when it comes to women all that a family wants is a tall, thin, fair bride but when it the men, all they look at is their financial status, no one bothers if they have the same wavelength and compatibility. “The guy works in Dubai, he has a car, he has a
chauffeur, so he’s compatible with our daughter” were the words that the girl’s
father spoke during his interview.

The story is woven around three women Dipti, Ritu, and Amrita. While Amrita is married already the story revolves around her life after marriage. Meanwhile, Dipti and her parents are finding a groom for her and Ritu’s struggles of avoiding marriage but then ending up into one.

It broke my heart when Dipti who was so enthusiastic about her
marriage is constantly rejected due to her being overweight or because she’s
dusky, while there are ample options for Ritu who isn’t even interested, she
and her family are constantly pressurized to get her to marry because “Umar
hogai hai”.

Amrita luckily marries a man she knows and is also promised that
she would be working but at the end of the film, we see her being the ‘Gharelu
Indian Bahu’ that the society expects her to be and she has to go on. Why?
because her parents trust her and expect her to be a dutiful daughter-in-law
and wife. What about her happiness? What about her ambitions and goals?
What about her identity? Similarly, Ritu who just wanted to work and have a
peaceful life now has to leave her everything and go to Dubai because her
husband has a well-set life there. Why doesn’t society care about the life of the
woman? “We can’t complain, we are raised in this society” was the answer that
today breaks my heart even further.

Unlike Bollywood films where they end up happily ever after, this documentary
by Sarita Khurana and Smriti Mundhra reveals the start after the end of a
ceremony that is marriage.
A must watch, to make the lives of Women a little
manageable and see the real picture of marriage. Streaming now on Netflix.

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