This African King Bought 19 Rolls Royce and 120 BMW’s

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Africa is portrayed as a very poor region in terms of finance and economics, which is partly true but many people around the world, don’t know about the Richest people in Africa as they are never talked about in the mainstream media. Recently, This African King of Swaziland Mswati III made a few headlines when he ordered a consignment of 19 rolls Royce and 120 BMW’s for his Wives, Mother and Kids to use for personnel operations.

African King Rolls Royce
source : Twitter @IamMzilikaz

While Swaziland, which is a Beautiful Land Locked Country between South Africa and Mozambique, it’s people are still living under Poverty with minimum facilities. In the Tweet posted by the user @iamMzilikaz who is an ‘Award-winning journalist, music producer, and author of bestseller Nothing Left To Steal..


Fleet of King’s Rolls Royce on the road
people in Swaziland
source : Twitter @IamMzilikaz

The Tweet from Mzilikaz condemned this purchase by the king of Swaziland of Mswati III and pointed out the economic challenges that Swaziland is facing with photos from the lives of the people of Swaziland.

Houses in Swaziland
source : Twitter @IamMzilikaz

This is the lifestyle of the common people of Swaziland, Although Swaziland has outlawed political parties, Freedom of association with a political party still remains, the people associated opposition political party of the past made these comments,

a total of 19 Rolls-Royce cars were delivered to Swaziland for the exclusive use of the king, his mother, and his wives. To say this is a blatant display of arrogance and total disregard of the poor people of Swaziland’s feelings by the monarch would be an understatement. As a party, we are least concerned about how many wives and children he has. The big issue is that the national purse has to take care of someone’s children when ordinarily in modern politics there is supposed to be a separation between his private resources and the public purse. The Swazi political system is meant to serve the monarchy and its cronies, not the people.

While the king may choose to spend the fortune as he wants since he has the ultimate power, he should also consider dedicating his life to uplifting the people of Swaziland.

What do you think of The African King’s Purchase of Rolls Royce cars?

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