Sledging in Cricket – 5 Critical Moments that changed the result of the match


Cricket is often named as gentleman’s game, but often a game gets nasty and intense. Cricketers are often seen making lewd comments on each other in heat of the moment is also known as ‘sledging‘ in Cricket. Let’s take you through some of the best sledging moments of cricket history.

1) Steve Waugh to Herschelle Gibbs

Steve Waugh  Herschelle Gibbs world cup catch cricket

It was in days when the Australian team was referred to as the dream team, but there once a situation arose when Australia needed a victory from Proteas (South Africa) in order to keep their world cup dream alive.
they game was so pressured and intense that Australia was about to win and Steve waugh was on 56* then Gibbs dropped his catch, to which steve retorted by saying you dropped world cup. Which turned out to be pretty true in the end.

2) Shane Warne and Darren Berry to Michael Slater

Shane Warne (left) and Darren Berry( Center) to Michael Slater( right)

Australians are famous for sleding in the game of cricket, It happened during a state game where Warne and Darry were playing for Victoria and slats (Slater) was playing for New South Wales.
Slater was known for his short temper. It was during one game when slater came to bat and Warnie and Darren started saying

Warne: Tick
Darren: Tock
Warne: Tick
Darren: Tock

and after some over, being frustrated from this he got out at deep mid-wicket. And, at the union warne said


imitating a time bomb.

3) Dennis Lillee to Everyone

Dennis had a great line which he used to stick to many batsmen during his career.

I can see why you are batting so badly, you’ve got some shit on the end of your bat

At this point the batsman would usually flip his bat over and examine the end, to which Lillee would respond

“Wrong end mate”

4) Daryll Cullian to Shane Warne

South Africa has always been a good team of the game. Proteas are known for giving it back when the oush comes to shove.
It was during a South Africa and Australia game where Daryll and warne were playing against each other after a very long time.

When Daryll came to bat Warne could not resist to sledge him and said

I’ve been waiting two years for another chance at you.

Cullinan got him back with a ripper:

Looks like you spent it eating…

5) Ian Healy to Arjuna Ranatunga

It is Australians who are very hard to digest a loss. It was during an intense game between Sri-lanka and Australia, where Ranatunga became a pain in the arse of Australia and Aussies became frustrated.
Ranatunga wanted a runner because of injury to which Ian replied (over the stump mic)

You don’t get a runner for being overweight, fat ****

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