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Now you can Buy Hemp Protein and other Hemp Products in India, Introducing

hemp protein in India

SUPERFOOD you all have been waiting for!

A random shot of Orange juice is good. No doubt about that!

It pleases your taste buds while taking care of your RDI (recommended daily intake) of Vitamin-C. But, do you have any plan or even an inkling of how to compensate for the huge shortfall of other nutrients & micronutrients our generation is facing?

No you don’t, trust us.

Also trust us when we say even we didn’t know until recently. So we trod on a hunt for a SUPERFOOD, which can fix the most of “contemporary health affairs”. Little did we knew it had always existed in front of us, wildly and naturally. Yes, it’s that common and you still have no idea about it.

Why Bleaf?

Trust us when we say, do what moves you-its fun. For us at BLEAF, we had only two obsessions- Cannabis and Wellness! Our mission is to help folks see through the smoke of it and relish the herb for its wondrous values and uses i.e Food, Shelter, and Clothing. We wonder, what else mankind needs?

As soon as we started sinking our teeth into unearthing the mystic qualities of a herb – “Vijaya”, we were fascinated beyond measure. Hemp is described as “a joy-giver, liberator and source of happiness” in Vedic scripture of Hinduism “Atharvaveda”. Not only that, it has been revered highly in the most celebrated culture forms such as Taoism, Sikhism, Buddhism and many more. Our fascination with this wondrous herb and zeal to spread wellness and hope through the herb was the driving force behind the three of us coming together as a collective which was thoughtfully named B’LEAF.


buy hemp protein in India

We know you have busy mornings, tiresome evenings & miserably nutrient-deficient diets, too. But guess what! We also know one more thing. You’re swiftly moving modern-life gives you no time to think about any of this. We need quick-fixes. So we bring you one. A wholesome quick-fix for each one you.
An Ayurvedic Alchemy to restore the balance and harmony, in you. Strictly aligned with the values of “Ayurveda”, we are glad beyond measure to make it possible to bring the goodness of Cannabis to your platter. We’re not joking when we say that now you can relish the mojo of Cannabis while brunching with your family on a typical Sunday Morning within your confines!

You may not want it, but your body NEEDS?

BLEAF HEMP PROTEIN is sourced from high-quality hemp seeds handpicked from the farms of Himalayas, by grinding them delicately after the oil has been removed. It has been well-accepted and adopted as an excellent source of plant-based protein. Even more so, it’s packed naturally with Omega-3&6, all 9 essential amino acids, magnesium, potassium, edestin, albumin, zinc, Vitamin A, B, C, and E and what not!

We won’t lie! It doesn’t give you anything extra, just the right amount of all the vital nutrients which are lacking in our modern day diets thereby draining our money and peace, regularly.

Trust me, there’s some reason why the herb is referred as “Vijaya “ meaning “Triumph” in English language. As decades of unjustified prohibition and persecution continue to lose their grip, Hemp industry is at the brink of getting serious. It’s a well-known truth that a change is first adopted by only mindful people which puts the onus of re-adopting our own mystic herb on us and you, alike.


Our main drive for relishing the edible richness of Hemp, comes from our seriously weak immune systems which let us succumb to such a hyped-up and fragile pathogen. Our inability to deal with such virus may not be dealt with instantly, but since experts and medical practitioners foresee such viruses to keep coming back, we need to work on our immunity URGENTLY. There’s no other way to keep yourself safe from now on than to BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY. Our diets have evidently lost the essential nutrients which make it really difficult to fight with the potential foreign agents which come and steal our health, money and peace of mind from us.
How it aligns your BODY, MIND and SOUL?

The functional properties of mystic herb-Cannabis are well-known , it’s easy to relate to what I’ve been talking about. But we are here for someone who has no idea about how Cannabis (bhang) can help you restore the balance of our body, mind and soul to secure overall well-being. But how?

Body – With arguably the richest and most balanced protein profile, Hemp protein is packed with the most essential nutrients and micronutrients that promise to deliver complete health. Be it great metabolism, inner strength, or robust immunity system. In addition, to boost your energy levels, it helps the body to produce “antibodies” which are required by our body to fight the potentially dangerous foreign agents and carriers of the disease.

The EAAs help in building and repairing muscles that are broken during the routine course of life. Edestin protein is similar to the human body’s own globular protein and considered the backbone of the cell’s DNA to facilitate DNA repair. The lack of Insoluble fibers found in Hemp protein is the most important concern for Millenials because it paves the way to more severe health complications. It helps cleanse our system of the long term build-up of toxins in our intestines and digestive tract to eradicate any possible indigestion. Hemp Protein is also a rich source of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). PUFAs have been extensively linked to improvements in blood lipid levels, controlled blood pressure, and heart rate improvements, thus saving us from increasing the risk of CVD’s (Cardiovascular Diseases).

Mind – Unlike modern medicine, Ayurveda’s scope of perfect health is defined as “a balance between body, mind, spirit, and social wellbeing.” In fact, the twin concepts of balance and connectedness echo throughout Ayurvedic texts and instilled profusely in our product of Cannabis.

BLEAF HEMP PROTEIN helps secure your overall health by stimulating brain function, improving memory and relieving stress. If our bodies aren’t getting enough quality amino acids, this produces a reverse effect and actually leads to an overproduction of stress hormones. On the contrary, adding just a scoop of Hemp protein to your choice of shake, smoothie, fresh juice or any other recipe can supply a lot of nutrients that improves brain function, rejuvenates your mindfulness and relieves stress.

Magnesium, being a natural weapon against stress, supports neurotransmitter functions, and helps reduce stress and anxiety. Hemp protein is one of the richest sources of magnesium, containing 45 percent of your daily need in just 3 tablespoons. Tryptophan present in Hemp inherently aids the production of serotonin, which imbibes the feel-good factor in us. Serotonin produced by the intake of Hemp Protein is an essential regulator of mood, sleep, and behaviors. It also plays a role in memory, learning, and regulation of appetite.

With ever-increasing cases of insomnia triggered by disrupted brain functioning due to radiations from phone towers and artificial sweeteners like Phenylalanine constantly threatening our peace of mind, we seriously need to attain some peace of mind by adding the tryptophan intake with some hemp protein in our very next smoothie.

SOUL– Our SUPERFOOD is created from the wonder-food plant-based power of hemp seeds extract to restore your mental and physical balance. The calm enhancing wondrous Hemp Seeds are a rare source of food that helps mind and body align, to help facilitate spiritual alignment with the universe.


No matter what’s the question, HEMP is the answer.

And trust me, we’re not joking! Neither was “Siddhartha” when he ate nothing but HEMP SEEDS for six years prior to announcing (discovering) his truths and becoming the Buddha. The richness of Hemp seeds and its importance in our diets is evident from the pre-historic times. Rational people still seek their importance in modern-day life through user-experience. To which, I’d prefer to not say anything myself. Instead, I’ll quote someone who has been using Hemp Protein from the last 3 months. When asked about how does he feel after adopting Hemp Protein in his daily diet, all he could come up was –

“Very calming for me, preventing irritation that is common in my life”

Health-conscious folks have plonked to the green side and woken up to the mystic values of wonder-food already. But many are still lagging back. Mindful people have already started adding a healthful punch of Bleaf-Protein to their choice of coffee, cereals, salads & other food recipes because they know no other single food source which is so RICH, BALANCED and PRACTICAL. For aspiring chefs and bakers, Bleaf-Protein is a bright chance to add wonderful nutrients to their delightful recipes and make it healthful. A SUPERFOOD which enriches the diet of a kid, adult, and elderly with equal richness.

As promised, we’re ready to get you high on Cannabis!

Not that like that, though. A different type of “high” of using the earth’s MOST SUSTAINABLE HERB which enriches our body and the planetary-health, altogether.

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