Countries Worst Hit with Covid-19 as of 2021

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It’s January 2021 & we’re hoping that the pandemic will not restrict our spirits this year like it did in 2020. Going ahead, let’s have a look at the countries worst hit with Covid-19 as if January 2021.

Covid-19 as of 2021 USA
Image Credit: The Lancet

1. The United States of America

USA being one of the most powerful countries in the world is always in the news for it’s actions and inactions, this time too, people around the world have commented a lot on how US has dealt with the pandemic.

With around 24 Million Covid-19 Cases and 397,600 Deaths resulting from an average of 220,000 Daily Covid-19 Cases in the USA. The country is the worst Hit since the Corona Virus turned into the pandemic Mid-2020.

Covid cases 2021

2. India

India comprises around 18% of the Global Population with a population density of 11, 297 people in one square kilometer in some Metropolitan cities such as Delhi. In the early days of the pandemic, it was predicted that India would be hit the hardest and would see 10 times more deaths than what the figures as of January 2021.

India went down into a total lockdown for more than 40 Days, the government took strict steps to ensure that the country is able to withstand the pandemic even after having very unorganized and diverse population in it’ entirety.

The Country has witnessed around 10,571,773 Cases with the death toll reaching 152,419 and the average number of Daily Cases is 15,000. These numbers are much less than that of the United States which has advanced Infrastructure and a Less dense population when compared to India.

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Worst hit countries covid 19
Image Credit: nasional republika, These are not actual Graves but a crosses put up to protest against Brazilian Governments Handling of the Pandemic

3. Brazil

This South American Nation has been one of the Countries Worst Hit by Covid-19 as of 2021, with total number of Covid cases in Brazil as of January 2021 being 8,488,099 & average daily cases around 55,000. Brazil has Witnessed 209,847 Deaths due to Covid-19.

The Brazilian government has been criticized for it’s mishandling of the Pandemic situation and how it failed to put Safety measures in place when they were needed the most.

2021 Covid countries
Image credit: Anadolu Agency

4. Russia

Russians have a reputation of being one of the toughest and sturdy people in the world have dealt strongly with the pandemic with around 3,530,379 Covid Cases as of January 2021, The average daily number of cases being approximately 23,000, Covid Deaths In Russia as of January 2021 reached up to 64,000.

The Russian Government has handled the pandemic well and has also developed its own Covid vaccine the ‘Sputnik V’, other Vaccines developed outside of the western countries is India’s Coviaxine.

Image Credit: Reuters

5. Great Britian

The Three Major Islands of the United Kingdom which include, Scotland, England & Wales were hit hard when the Pandemic began in mid-2020. Recently a new strain of the Corona Virus was discovered in British Citizens.

The Total number of Covid Cases Excluding the new strain is approx. 3,405,740 as of January 2021, around 89,429 Deaths have been witnessed with a daily average of New Cases being 46,000.

These are the Countries Worst Hit with Covid-19 as of 2021 and the list continues.

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