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Juice is the debut EP by New Delhi based rapper & music producer MC SNUB, which was released on 2 May 2020. It is part of the Desi hip hop culture with the potential to redefine what Desi hip hop is.

The sound of the EP could be best described as happy beats with a sad undertone. The songs in the EP revolve around multiple emotions, but primarily heartbreaks, self-love, confidence, even self-doubt, hard work, and hustle. 

With fierce & aggressive flows, smooth & easy melodies, catchy hooks, auto-tuned vocals, relatable lyrics about heartbreak & motivation.

Juice EP is for the typical Indian Middle-Class youngster. From flipping unique samples to programming fresh synth melodies & chords to using filtered & distorted vocals as instruments, Snub’s music is giving hip-hop in India.

An entirely new dimension with this EP. The EP has a unique combination of lo-fi trap beats with RnB style backing vocals and relatable rap lyrics. Here’s a Lyrical Video of “Subah”

Subah Lyrical Video – Courtesy of MC SNUB

The album starts with a chill, relaxed, and laid back track “Subah”, and then transitions into this entrepreneurial, hyped, and emotional song “Garry”.

“Garry” being the headliner of the album is also the most relatable song out of the bunch. The album then goes into ambitions & stories about self-doubt, in Rollingstone.

Then comes the electronic interlude, which features a speech by self-help legend Napoleon Hill, based on the ‘law of attraction’.

The fifth song is an aggressive heartbreak song, called “Ride or Die”. And finally, the EP ends with a laidback motivational song about self-love, called “Khoob”

Khoob by MC Snub and ADI

The EP is written, produced, performed & mixed by MC SNUB (Shaurya Bhatia), with Adi (Aditya Rawat) taking care of additional mixing, arrangement & mastering of the EP. Waddup JTN has designed & conceptualized the innovative artwork of the album.

Below is the Playlist of MC SNUB’s JUICE EP on SPOTIFY

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