Divya Khosla’s Reply to Sonu Nigam’s Allegations on Bhushan Kumar


The Spat between Sonu Nigam and T Series owner Bhushan Kumar has been the talk of the town. Although there weren’t any official statements from the T Series, Recently this video came out. This is Divya Khosla’s Reply to Sonu Nigam.

Read First if you Haven’t T Series Mafia, Sonu Nigam Makes A Bold Move Against Bhushan Kumar.

Now Watch the video Below.

Divya Khosla’s Reply to Sonu NIgam

The Video ‘Yaad Piya Ki aane lagi’ fame Actress and ‘ Yaareiyan’ Director, who is also the wife of the CEO of T-Series mention made many bold statements in reply to Sonu Nigam’s previous video and defended T-series Stance.

She also pointed out that T-Series has always given chances to newcomers and still does, ‘Yaarieyan had 10 New Comers’ apart from that countless, Singers, Lyricist, Actors and composer among many other have made it big through T-Series.

Aapne Kitne Newcomers ko chance diya h

Divya Khosla’s question to Sonu Nigam

She Divya also said that It was Late Gulshan Kumar of T-Series, who found and brought Sonu Nigam to Mumbai and supported him in the initial days of his career.

There are many other points that she made, these points seem a befitting reply from her side. Divya blamed Sonu for running a pointless campaign against T-Series by gathering other artists.

These were a lot of other things said in the video but since we only want to focus on the points related to Music and the music industry, we’re not mentioning it in the article to keep a certain niche solid on our website.

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