Emiway, SnoopDogg, and Macklemore: New Songs Out Now!


Is it time for Independent Artist Takeover in the Indian Music Industry?Recently, independent rapper Emiway Bantai with Snoopdogg and Macklemore released 2 songs back to back, during the lockdown. (Emiway, SnoopDogg and Macklemore)

Both of these songs were international collaborations. One song featured the American rapper Snoop Dog, and another one featured Grammy-winning rapper Macklemore. What does it mean for the music industry in India?

Emiway with Macklemore

An artist is said to be independent when the artist is not signed with management that represents a major label or a corporation, like T Series, Sony Music, Zee Music, etc. Without the backing of a major label, many artists are emerging in the independent music scene.

Some of these artists include Prateek Kuhad, Ritviz, Emiway Bantai, Fotty Seven, etc. There are some artists which are signed with Independent Record Labels like Azadi Records & Pagal Haina Records

These independent record labels run their own management, do their own publishing and are basically independently run & funded startups which sign artists.
Apart from independent artists & labels, non-bollywood music is also emerging from major record labels.

 There are artists like Divine, signed with Mass Appeal, and bands like The Local Train, signed with MTV. 

How is this phenomenon taking place?

With the recent death of Sushant Singh Rajput, we have seen a lot of management politics getting exposed in Bollywood.

In the last 2 decades, Bollywood has had a monopoly in the music industry in India too, especially in the Northern Region.

However, people are realising the politics behind this business. Many artists prefer managing themselves or having a trustworthy small business entity managing them. Also, music distribution has become easier and accessible, with companies like Distrokid, OK Listen, CD Baby, TuneCore, etc. With the emergence of music streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, and the playlist features on these apps, independent musicians have found their way to the people’s ears. Also, Social Media is available to everyone as a marketing tool. 

The year 2020 witnessed the release of more than 200 EPs/Albums from independent musicians.

Seems like independent music is really here for takeover. Taba Chake, Raghav Meattle, MC Snub, Prabhdeep and many more are some artists to watch out for. 

MC Snub’s Juice EP – Garry is an inspirational track.

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