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If you’re alive, there must be times when a song gets stuck in your mind and keeps repeating itself just because of the sheer relatable lyrics of the song. ‘Gale Pad Gayi’ has some peppy lyrics.

This song is one of those tracks, that will get stuck in your mind and repeat itself over and over again, especially if you’re a ‘Sakht’ in terms of dating. Keep Reading to know

Gale Pad Gayi
Gale Pad Gayi by Mikki & Adi

“Gale Pad Gayi” is written and performed by “Mikki” on the other side “Adi” took great care of composition and music.

The track was written on “21st September 2019”. While following up with other single releases after “Mikki’s” debut EP “Filmon Mein”, “Mikki & Adi” decided to get on with this one.

The journey of this song does not reside with the personal and professional life of “Mikki” & “Adi”.

Listen to ‘ Gale Pad Gayi’ on Youtube

The theme and story are somehow inspired by one of their mutual pal, that guy was hyperactive on social dating applications.

Due to his good looks,he was the one being reached out most of the times, while sharing his experiences of various dating applications “Mikki” turned up with the chorus “Tu to Tu to Mere Gale Pad Gayi” later on he came up with rest of the body of the track & making it up a perfect blend.

Wisdom Music Studio
Wisdom Music Studio where Mikki and Adi have Produced Many of their Songs, Including ‘Gale pad Gayi’

“Adi” caught up with “Mikki” at his studio and the both went bold over its musical composition. Reggaeton groves with dance hall vibrations made this one phenomenal & attractive.

To jam it up both “Adi” & “Mikki” decided to write two bridges in their composition, one was the drop which made thousands dance the night away & another one was a flute solo with gave this track a soothing and calm part to prepare for the upcoming stormy chorus.

Surprisingly, flute was played by “Adi’s” mentor “R.S Narayan Ji”, he did his best on supporting his student for a wonderful musical composition.

The track was finalized, mixed,and mastered by “Adi” himself at his studio and workplace “Wisdom Music”.

Mikki and Adi Recently released another Track Named ‘O Tera Nakhra’.

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