10 reasons why the ’90s was the golden age of Bollywood

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One thing everybody will agree to without any exception is that the Bollywood of today and the Bollywood of the ’90s was way different in terms of censor, morals, standards & values. if you’ve lived the ’90s as a teen or an adult you surely relate to the below-mentioned reasons and if you were unborn or still a baby, you should still read it to get the vibe.

1) Having a uni-brow and dusky skin did not get many eyeballs.

2) Films depicted new India and showed progressive thinking by talking about teen issues, premarital sex, teen pregnancy.

3) How’s the josh high sir! It nurtured patriotism in us.

4) Actors were not judged based on performances and looks, movies were seen as just a source of entertainment.

5) when “khada hai khada hai” and “dhak dhak karne laga” “laga namak ishq ka” had double meaning but we did not understand.

6) when fitness and 6 pack abs were not the talks of the town, but just great talent performances decided the future of the film.

7) It was the time when Bollywood had great scripts for comedy and just movies like grand masti.

8) playing double role was a common thing whether you take it sooryavanshi or hello brother to desi babu english man.

9) The savior of the ’90s and a gift by dhram garam none other than Sunny Deol. His portray of an angry young man and the man next door was highly popular.

10) when feminism was not a coffee table talk and women were objectified via raunchiest ‘item numbers’ was not an issue.

please tell us in below in the comment section your experience of the 90’s.

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