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We see them on Television every day.

These days when the competition is quite high.

people do get news about incidents as soon as anything happens through social media. There is still some high paid news anchor(s) who are minting big bucks. Let’s have a look at the topmost paid news anchors in India.

1) Ravish Kumar

He is probably the only news anchor who critics the government. Ravish is the most underrated journalist who presents rural issues presentable in Prime-time slots, unlike other news anchors and he is also a very well-known writer who writes books on democracy and politics. Meanwhile, Ravish’s annual salary is expected to be somewhere around 2.10-2.35 crores Indian rupees.

2) Sudhir Chaudhary

sudhir choudhary anchor salary highest paid News anchor

He is the face of Zee news and conducts a popular show everyday known as DNA. Mr.Sudhir is known to be the supporter of the Modi government and has given news several times without fact-checking properly in favor of the Modi government which later turned out not true, This Man is also expected to fetch around 2.9 crores per annum.

3) Shweta Singh

shweta singh anchor salary highest paid News anchor

That’s another top anchor coming from Bihar, Shweta is one of the top anchors of Aaj Tak, although She wanted to be a documentary and started her career as a sports presenter in Aaj Tak with her hard work she has climbed up the ladder and she is today one most well-renowned anchors on Aaj Tak and She fetches around 3.6 Crore rupees per annum.

4) Rajat Sharma

rajat sharma highest paid News anchor

You would probably have seen in one of the oldest talk shows in our country ‘Aapki Adalat’ the show has been running successfully for more than 25 years now.

While Rajat comes from a very humble background had seen a lot of poverty in his childhood, with his talent and hard work has become the Editor-in-chief of India TV and is expected to be taking 3.7 crore rupees per annum.

5) Nidhi Razdaan

Nidhi Razdaan Highest paid anchor

Nidhi is a well-known journalist in India and She started her career in 1999 and today, is an executive editor in chief of NDTV 24×7 and This lady also conducts an evening show on the channel and she has an alma mater of Indian Institute of Mass Communication and is one of the most highest-paid journalists of our country, taking home an annual package of more than 4 crores per annum.

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