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Cricketers are the only professionals in India who get media attention with ease. Like when they score a century, claim a hat-trick, create a record, involve in a titanic tussle, they hit the headlines for all the reasons. Cricket is very close to being a ‘religion’ in this country. There is no doubt that it’s the most-watched sport in India.
Not yet, when it comes to elegant things like supercars, sports bikes, mansion-like houses, etc every player shares different preferences of luxury as an individual. Often cricketers have been seeing takin their beautiful cars for a spin and most of the cricketers feel frenzy and compassionate about them. In this article, we will mention the top 10 cricketers and their beautiful cars. We present to you, Indian cricketers car(s) collection.

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1. Sachin Tendulkar

Indian cricketers car collection sachin

Apart from showing his extraordinary skills all around the world and proving his metal, Sachin seems to be a supercar lover as well. He has been seen with BMW MS, BMW X5, BMW i8 and the Nissan GTR 530 is the latest beauty he added in his car collection.

2. MS Dhoni

dhoni car collection

Apart from being captain cool, it is quite evident from the collection that he is an avid bike lover. The former Indian Captain is a massive fan of bikes but he also has the same feelings for cars. GMC Sierra, Hummer, a Toyota Corolla, a customized open-top Scorpio, and Mitsubishi is a group of cars that he has put in his kitty.

3. Kapil Dev

kapil dev car

Captain wh brought many laurels to our country including our first ever cricket world cup in ’83 is also an avid car lover. Ex captain owns a sports car that has a unique look. Kapil Dev owns Porche Panamera, which is known for its efficiency and uber cools looks and not miss the luxury.

4. Yuvraj Singh

The brat of Indian cricket who gas been consistent throughout his performance in his career. Despite having cancer he outperformed everyone in world cup and also won man of the series award in 2011 world cup is a car lover. When Yuvraj Singh gave a befitting reply to England on their soil after having a tiff with English captain, with famous six sixes in an over to Stuart Board, Lalit Modi who was the BCCI chief at that time gifted him Porsche 911. Besides this, he also owns Lamborghini and BMW X6M.

5. Sourav Ganguly

Saurav ganguly Indian cricketers car collection

Sourav is termed as one of the best captains India has ever had. He had a completely different vision for India, it was only Ganguly’s vision India started winning on foreign soils. Dada owns a great number of car collection which includes a fleet of 20 Mercedes-Benz cars and four BMWs and other local ones.

6. Virender Sehwag

The only cricketer who has a royal title The ‘Nawab of Najafgarh’ and ‘Sultan of Multan’ has some royal taste and preferences. The nawab owns Bently continental flying spur. Besides that, he also owns a restaurant named ‘Sehwag’s Favorites’ in the national capital.

7. Rahul Dravid

rahul dravid car tucson

The wall of cricket. He has saved India in many instances whether saving follow on or chasing out the targets in test matches. Dravid is known for his temperament, After being nominated as test player of the year in 2004, the world cricketing body, ICC announced the gift of Hyundai Tucson. Besides this, he owns a BMW.

8. Anil Kumble

anil kumble cricketer car

Jumbo of cricket. He is the only bowler in the world after Jim Laker who took 10 wickets in an innings. Apart from that, he owns a Black Mercedes. Besides this, he owns a Ford endeavor also.

9. Harbhajan Singh

Harbhajan car collection

The munda of Jhalandhar, he played over 100 test for India. He was bowled Rinky Ponting more number of times than any other bowler. He is also an avid lover of cars he owns a Hummer H2 car. Besides this, he has been seen also with other local ones.

10.Virat Kohli

virat kohli audi R8

The captain aggressive. Currently, he is leading India in all three formats and also leading RCB in IPL. After, endorsing many brands he owns Audi R8, Virat owns BMW X6. Recently he got Duster as a gift from Renault. He also owns a string of gyms under the name ‘Chisel’.

These were Top 10 Indian cricketers car(s) collection, did we miss something? tell us in the comments.

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