Metalpump: Dark, Hard, and Scary


We Got in touch with Aditya Rawat, A Delhi based Music Producer, who’s Alias ‘Metalpump’ is bringing out Metal-Hip Hop Fusion into the Music Scene in the vicinity.

We asked him some questions about himself and this is what he had to say.

How has your Musical Journey Been?

I was brought up into music production making hard trap, hard dance, and dubstep music.

Honestly, that’s how I started, later on, to attain commercial knowledge I got into dance music like moombahton & house. Surprisingly my first ever single was a hybrid between deep and tropical houses,the track is called “Calling”.
For the monetary essence, I started getting myself into film scores and mixing/mastering.

There are some instances that happens us but some of us are strong enough to ignore it. Small things make big differences in my life ,there were some of my bad experiences that I was unable to process and they stayed with me later on I decided to harvest them to my work and that’s how “Metalpump” was born.
Metalpump is a product my other conscience that I don’t want everyone to know about.

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The latest Track from Metalpump named ‘Tu Aage Jayega’

How did ‘MetalPump‘ Come around?

His sounds might be dark, hard, and scary but he is harmless.

I never adopted it, I was growing inside me.

Honestly, I am used to him now, those thoughts and voices I don’t fear them now.
The thing is I can’t control him and his thoughts,I have heartily accepted him.

What are you plans for the Future?

I have 10 more tracks planned for the year 2020, Most of them are currently being produced simultaneously and will drop with consistent pace.

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