Most Expensive Houses in the world owned by Billionaires

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Imagine you have billions of dollars of worth, where you gonna spend it. Let take you into some of the world’s most expensive properties.
There you gonna see it all from gigantic entrances to, big chandeliers, massive ballrooms where the most high profile parties are thrown.
We have a collection of the world’s 5 Most Expensive Houses in the world where richest of the rich lives.

1) Beach House in California – $45 U.S. Million

Most Expensive Houses bill gates

The owner of this lovely mansion is the Bill and Melinda gates. It’s a massive 5,800 square foot house.
The house was designed by architect Ken Ronchetti in 1999. This sea-facing mansion has wooden ceilings to give an island feel.
The house has 6 bedrooms with lovely ocean views.

2) Beverly Hills Mansion – $74 U.S. Million

Beverly Hills Most Expensive Houses

Owner of one of the world’s fastest-growing companies “Uber” Garrett Camp bought a mansion in the hood of billionaires for $73 Million dollars in Beverly Hills.
This plush mansion is situated in Trousdale Estates. The property is spread over 12,000 square feet. The highlight of the property is a semi-subterranean car gallery and a zero-edge pool.

3) The Manor Mansion – $125 U.S. Million

Manor Mansion Most Expensive Houses

Los Angeles is known for rich people and big mansions spread over acres and acres of land. Imagine having the largest house in that area.
Property is spread over 56,000 square feet and comprises of 123 rooms, 14 bedrooms, and 27 bathrooms. If you have a property that big you can have things in the house for which people need to go out.
Manor also has a salon, bowling alley, a nightclub, tennis court, and a barbershop. So if you are stuck in that estate in this COVID-19 situation you actually do not need to go out.

4) Quadruplex penthouse at 220 Central Park

South – $240 U.S. Million

New York Most Expensive Houses

According to the reports this beautiful penthouse belongs to Ken Griffin or Kenneth Cordele Griffin the American billionaire and also the Hedge Fund manager. It is considered one of the most expensive buys of last year.
This penthouse in New York City has 3 floors measuring up to 23,000 feet and has 16 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms and 5 iconic balconies from where you can view the iconic skyline of new york.

5) Antilia: $2 U.S. Billion

World's Most Expensive Houses

Asia’s richest man and owner of more than 126 companies in various industries Mr. Mukesh Amabani have the most expensive private property in the world. This building has more than a staff of 600 people working all the time.
It is the most expensive house in terms of maintenance after Buckingham palace. This iconic building is located in the south of Mumbai is equipped with 27 floors and 9 high-speed elevators. It has a garage that can accommodate more than 168 cars.
Mind you it is abuilding not a mansion still it comprises 3 helipads, a grand ballroom, a theater, a spa, a temple, and multiple terraced gardens.

Let us know your Favorite most expensive houses!

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