Movie Behind the Scenes Facts you didn’t Knew – Top 5


There’s a lot that goes into making great films. We present to you Movie Behind the Scenes facts, we bet you didn’t know.

1) Django Unchained

The world is very well aware of the dedication and talent of Leonardo Dicaprio. One of the incidents which make him distinguished from his counterparts took place during the shooting of Django Unchained.

It was during the epic scene when Calvin Candie(Leonardo) smacked his hand in dining table and in the intensity of the scene he broke the stemmed glass by mistake, it was then blood started oozing out of his hands, Leonardo being Leonardo remained in character and finished the scene in the same take.

Quentin Tarantino was immensely impressed and proud of him and the whole crew present there ended up giving him standing ovation.

2) The Dark Knight

Movie Behind the Scenes Joker
Heath Ledger as Joker From Batman : The Dark Knight

Whenever we talk about the best of the superhero movies we always mention Heath Ledger’s character joker in the movie dark knight.

It won heath ledger posthumous Oscar for that movie. Ledger underwent a lot of rigorous preparation for that movie.

Ledger stayed for about more than six weeks in a motel completely isolated (he did it before it was cool) and worked on the psyche of a sadist and evil character.

3) Jurassic Park

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We all have heard stories about directors going above and beyond about directors to give their movies a bit of an extra edge in comparison to other movies.
In Jurrasic park, The sound that tortoises make while having sex was used for the sounds of Velociraptors sounds. Can you imagine how would they have come up with such ideas?

4) John Wick: Part 1

Keanu reeves Movie Behind the Scenes

Action is liked and praised by many, but we usually underestimate the kind of preparation they go through.

John wick was one of such movies where every single detail was given a thought.
Particular lighting was used in relation to the characters’ moods. Keanu Reeves did 90% of his action sequences himself which required him to learn and go through marksmanship, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Judo

5) Dallas Buyers Club

It is not necessary if the thing is expensive then only it will best. Dallas was one of the best low budget movies to won as oscar.
You will be amazed to know that the movie’s budget for make-up was only $250.
It was just the crew’s dedication and sheer talent which won them, Oscar, later for make-up and hairstyle.

That’s it for now. Let us know Movie Behind the Scenes Facts, you bet we didn’t knew.

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