No more Fair and Lovely, This petition has impacted generations of Indians


The Idea that only fair is lovely has made it’s home in the mind of the current generation of Indians. Thanks ( no thanks ) to the aggressive advertisement of products like Unilever’s ‘Fair and Lovely’ over decades. You may hear people discriminating on the basis of Skin color of a guy or a girl, even kids.

words Like ‘ Gora Chhita ‘ are synonymous with Beauty while discarding other features and aspects of physical beauty. While it might seem like an over-exaggeration to say that this discrimination has destroyed many lives over the years, it is very true.

People who have been discriminated often find themselves in dilemma over fixing the ‘problem’ of their dark skin, many young people fall into negative states of mind and have lower self-confidence due to the very fact that they have been taunted and ridiculed for not being ‘Fair’ Enough.

Humans are social animals and are vulnerable to adapt to not so practical or rational concepts or ideas, if other humans around them believe and adapt to the same, Psychologically speaking a standard of appropriateness is created among a group of people by constantly feeding them the idea of it

An advertisement that shows the idea that if you’re fair you can get more in life.

. In this case, ideas like ‘Only Fair is Lovely’ have been fed to people since the early ’90s through various Advertisement campaigns to an extent that it has become a standard of beauty now while it’s not very true.

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Chandra Hiran Filed the Petitition

To tackle this a 22-year-old girl name Chandana Hiran filed an online petition demanding Unilever, the company which produces and markets Fair and Lovely to change the name of the product to something that doesn’t spread a discriminating idea.

Her petition got more than 10,000 signatures and rising.

Meanwhile, Unilever has announced that it would be removing the word ‘Fair’ from its product and we assume that it means no more misguided advertisement. campaign. The company didn’t directly mention Chandra’s petition but the move can be linked back to the ongoing #blacklivesmatter protests and Chandra’s petition and many others before it.

This will have a major impact on beauty standards in India and a lot of young people will not have to go through the taunts and mental pressure of not being ‘Beautiful’ enough because they have a certain shade of skin. The next few decades will shape the new beauty standard among the members of society.

What do you think about this move by Unilever and the ongoing demand for equality in various aspects of social lives of humans?

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