Insights on ‘O Tera Nakhra’ – A Repeat button Smasher Song.


O Tera Nakhra – Another ‘Commercial’ hit Song from Mikki (Mikkimeranaam) and Adi.

Official Lyrical Video

‘O Tera Nakhra’ The track is written and performed my “Mikki” and the music is composed and produced by “Adi”.

Surprisingly this track was written on 6th July 2019, Inspiration of this track lies within the residence of “Mikki”. He is a proud uncle of his cute and little 2-year-old niece ‘Dishu’, watching her growing up was one of the best parts of his days.

The Inspiration for this track was my 2-year-old Niece Dishu.

– Mohit Rawat Aka Mikki

Rising demands of attention by his 2-year-old niece made him observe and write these lines of the chorus.

O Tera Nakrha, Tera Nakrha Sari kudiya to laga mainu wakhra ni

– Lyrics from O Tera Nakhra

Cover Arts for O Tera Nakhra by Eleven Eleven Digital

These lines went on loop and drove “Mikki” to write the rest of the single.
This track was resting on voice notes along with many other songs until “Mikki” Decided to peruse his alias as a commercial artist.

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So as a follow of his many banger commercial compilations and singles “Mikki” along with “Adi” decided to give a shot to this lyrical composition

Aditya Rawar Aka “Adi” went on many pools of ideas on this single and mutually they both agreed upon giving this song a “Moombathon” glare with sparkles of commercial “Bollywood” runs and sounds.

Both “Mikki” & “Adi” combined and patched their senses and ideas on the initial musical composition.

Mikki (Left) and Adi (right) when they’re not at the studio

As a scratch the track was slower, sitting around 90 BPM (Beats Per Minute). The groove was a priority for both of them, as a remedy of that “Mikki” & “Adi” agreed-upon 100 BPM.

“Adi” carved out cinematic elements at intro and chorus to give that single an elegant and premium taste with a subtle pinch of energy and power.
The final mix and master of the track is flawlessly executed by “Adi” at his workplace and studio “Wisdom Music”.

Adi (left) and Mikki (right) at Wisdom Music studio
Here’s O Tera Nakhra on Spotify

If you Still Haven’t Listened to ‘O Tera Nakhra’. Listen to the Lyrical Video provided in this post.

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