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Quick Review Bulbul : As the lock down gets tougher and tougher the audiences are being showered with good content and one such piece is Anvita Dutt’s Bulbbul on Netflix.

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Quick Review Bulbul
Ruchi Mahajan As Little Bulbul & Rahul Bose as Indranil

Story set in 1881 Bengal. when a 5 year old Bulbbul was married to Indranil who was a few decades older to her.

He had a twin named Mahendra and a younger sibling Satya who the innocent Bulbbul finds solace in. Her one-sided love for Satya is known to her sister-in-law who adds her bits of kerosene to the fire, leading to a drastic step taken by Indranil when Bulbul is in her early 20’s. The genre of the film is horror and it indeed is well portrayed by the entitlement a man gives himself when it comes to treating a woman.

Poster art of the Netflix film ‘Bulbul’

Bulbul the girl who grew up listening to the Ghost stories indeed turns into one, but this time instead of harming she is protecting the
masses from the devil that one finds within. “Chup rehna” another term that the Indian society has been nurturing plays out in an impactful scene and shows us the pain behind it.

Writer – Director Anvita Dutt

Writer-Director Anvita Dutt has made sure to show more than tell us the story of Bulbul, well-defined characters hold the plot strong and keep one intrigued till the end.

A woman wronged and defied by the men in her house and how she turns herself is commendable, a woman who’s lost so much that even death cannot hurt her makes her powerful than ever.

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Tripti Dimri has played the role of Bulbul with grace and power, Casting choices like Avinash Tiwary (Satya), Rahul Bose (as Indranil and Mahendra), Paoli Dam (Binodini) and Parambrata Chattopadhyay (Dr. Sudip) have played to the films strength.

Director Of Photography – Siddhart Diwan

The look and feel of the film right from the
location and color palette to the look and feel of the characters
like costume and hair, make-up has added more weight to the film.

The shots taken by DOP Siddharth Diwan has made me feel the horror, the havoc and the imbalance in the life of Bulbul, each emotion has been well said in the frame even when there is no talking or minimal action like Bulbbul just standing and drinking alcohol, each frame tells me about the new solace Bulbbul finds.

The editing team has made sure that this 1 hr 33 minutes of piece does justice to the vision of the Director, I love how the female ghost in stories told by Satya to Bulbbul have a pink background in it, scenes where the entire frame is pink or red in color leave an impact and alarm us for the upcoming event.

Some impactful scenes like Bulbbul dragging herself while the camera moves ahead when she
reaches it tell us in a subtle way the position of a woman and how she has to crawl to reach where she wants to be because of the ability to walk easily is taken by the men. The story is so simple yet it leaves an impact on one’s mind.

A Netflix movie worth watching in the night. This is Zahra Muchhala’s Quick Review : Bulbul.

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