SHUTDOWN by Gully Gang: The first Hip-hop Compilation


This lockdown has seen the entire nation at a halt. However, artists are coming out and releasing new music consistently. There’s no ‘shutdown’ for artists.
‘Shutdown’ is the Hip-hop album by Mumbai based Hip-hop crew ‘Gully Gang’, signed with Mass Appeal India.

Gully Gang, led by Divine, the rapper who inspired the recent Bollywood hit ‘Gully Boy’, comprises rappers like MC Altaf, Shah Rule, D’Evil, Sammohit, Sledge, Saifan and hip-hop crew 7Bantai’Z. However, the album also features North Indian rappers like Gurgaon-based KR$NA, American rapper Elvis Brown and Mohali based Sikander Kahlon & Saddy Immortal. 

The album is a compilation of 8 songs, with each song based on the classic Desi Hip-hop and Gully sound. Songs like ‘Bag‘ and ‘Bandana Gang‘, which are produced by North East Indian music producer & rapper Stunnah Beatz, have that new school wave sound, which uses Autotune hooks and ad-libs.

The featuring verse by KR$NA on Bag is one of the craziest verses on the album.

Rap mein yeh bolte the scope nahi hai, Ab aage peechhe ghumte Krishna ke jaise Gopi yeh

Here’s a Video to Shutdown’s Video on Youtube

The album talks about hustle, hard work, success, inspiration and a lot more. 

Here’s a link to Bandana Gang by Divine ft.Sikandar Kahlon

Overall the album sounds fresh, but could have potentially explored the musical diversity since each artist on the album comes from different backgrounds With Stunna bringing the Northeastern flavour, Elvis Brown connecting Mumbai with the Los Angeles stress, Sikander Kahlon representing Mohali, hip-hop in India has a lot of potentials. With Indian Hip-hop heavyweights like Divine, Sikander Kahlon,and KR$NA, this rap album has songs in Hindi, Punjabi and English. 

Go for the album, to get a taste of Gully Hip hop and Desi Rap here:

SHUTDOWN by Gully Gang

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