Social Works of Sonam Wangchuk in Ladakh – Unseen Interview

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We’ve all seen the Bollywood film ‘3 Idiots’ that had Aamir Khan playing the character of Phunsukh Wangdu, which was inspired by the real life scientist from Ladakh – Sona Wangchuk, who recently grabbed the headlines for starting a peaceful campaign against the Chinese aggression of India’s Border with China on the ladakh Frontier.

Sonam Called for a systematic boycott of Chinese goods and businesses in India and labelled it Wallet warfare. the campaign has gained momentum with major Indian firms announcing their decision to bring down their imports from china to 0 within the next few years.

In this rare Interview of Him, Sonam talks about his struggles and achievements in his hometown of Ladakh and how they have changed the life of the local people by coming up with Innovative Ideas over the years.

Including Solar powered Schools, Weather Proof Buildings, Green Houses and more.

Watch this full interview here

He also shared the instances from the times when he was labelled a Chinese Spy for trying to change the education system in ladakh for the betterment of people and more, watch the above interview for more details.

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