T Series Mafia, Sonu Nigam makes a bold move against Bhushan Kumar.


Sonu Nigam Recently Talked about the Mafias of the Indian Music Industry and raised voice against the Monopolistic Nature of the two companies that are running their operations and paying no heed to creative endeavors of the artists they sign. The Legendary Singer, Sonu Nigam restrained from naming these companies out of decency but after Bhushan Kumar, The owner of the so-called T Series ‘Mafia’, tried to plot and indirectly defame the singer, Sonu Posted this recent video in which he takes the name of Bhushan Kumar.

Sonu Nigam Posted this Video, Watch Below

Sonu Nigam Recent Video in which he names Bhushan kumar and threatens to expose him further.

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What did Sonu Nigam Say about Bhushan Kumar?

The veteran of the Music Industry can be seen making very bold statements by naming Bhushan Kumar and labeling him a mafia of the music industry, which is somewhat true in regards to the operations that companies like his ( T-series ) run to ensure that they control the industry and the art.

Many of the new artists have come out at times voicing against these companies and how they harass and manipulate Musicians.

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How all of this Started?

Well, After the Unfortunate demise of Actor ‘ Sushant Singh Rajput’. Sonu had posted another video on his social media handles titled ‘You might soon hear about Suicides in the Music Industry.‘,

In the video, Sonu can be seen warning the people about the manipulative nature of the Indian Music Industry and how it can lead to suicides in the music industry.

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You might soon hear about Suicides in the Music Industry.

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Sonu can be heard saying,

Filmo se bada Mafia Music me h

Naye Bachcho ( Young Artists) k liye iss changul se nikalna Bahaut mushkil h

Do log hai industry k, jinke hato me taakat h, ki isko gawao aur isko mat gawao

Indicating towards T-Series ‘Mafia’ ( earlier unnamed) and an unnamed company

Be then more kind Please!

Asking the big players or the ‘Mafias’ of the Music Industry go easy on the newcomers.

What do you think about this whole situation and how do you feel about the environment in the Indian Music Industry.

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