Sounds Kanye took from other artists.


Kanye West has been known for putting out Award Winning songs that are Unique & often Unconventional with their musical elements that bring out a certain taste from his hip hop creation. Although not many people know that Kanye draws a lot of inspiration from other artists, especially from the 20th century. Let’s take a look at ‘Sounds Kanye Took from Other Artists’ to make them his own and present them to the younger generation.

Note: While Reading this Article. Please go through each Song and enjoy the creation of Kanye and All the other artists as well. ART IS INSPIRING.

1. Kanye’s ‘Stronger’ has a very prominent sample from Daft Punk’s Harder Better Faster.

The Theme of Kanye song was very much based on Daft Punk’s Sounds from the track Harder Better Faster. Below are both of the tracks have

Listen to ‘Harder Better Faster Here
Listen to ‘Stronger’ Here

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2. Mike Oldfield’s In High Places & Kanye’s Dark Fantasy

Listen Vocals ‘Can we get much Higher?’ were Heavenly used in Kanye’s Dark Fantasy.

Mike Oldfield’s In High Places
Kanye’s Dark Fantasy

3. Enoch Light’s ‘You Showed me’ & Kanye’s ‘Gorgeous’

The instrumentals of ‘You showed me’ were mixed in with Kanye’s style and vocals on the track ‘Gorgeous’

4.Kanye’s ‘Power’ had vocals from ‘Afromerica’ song from 1968

Afromerica’s Chorus Vocals were used as Background Vocals in Kanye’s Power. Have a Listen.

5. Elton John’s ‘Someone Saved my Life Tonight‘, Jay Z’s ‘The Ruler’s Book’ & Kanye’s ‘Good Morning’

The Starting on Kanye’s Song contain vocals from Elton’s Song – It goes like ‘Eeh eeh uhh Uhh Uhh’, Yes that’s Right, It’s a melodic add on that serves it purpose right. Apart from that Jay Z’s Vocals were also used.

And Now Listen to ‘Good Morning’

Apart from These, here are many Sounds that Kanye took from other artists for his masterpieces. Of course, he takes permission. Since you made it this far in the article. Here’s a Bonus video from our Research for this.


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