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Artwork of the Single ‘Teri Ladai’

Teri Ladai by Mikki X Metalpump sadly broke their streak of commercial music release but, on the brighter side Mikki brought out Metalpump to create most OG style of rap music Mikki quoted “I will now commence myself into writing stage bangers”. The song Teri Ladai is a true stage banger composed by Mikki & Metalpmp and produced by Metalpump.

Music style of Metalpump is surely unique and hard to define, his sounds are cinematic and original.

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Metalpump’s Logo

Mikki also quoted “We are not into hip – hop and it’s culture, these songs can be framed as commercial rap. “

Mikki sure is delivering his commercial music sense to his rap counterparts, repetitions and lots of catch phrases.

Teri Ladai Mikki

it is surely is the song that the youth will enjoy and will be motivated by the aura of their sounds.

Song was recorded and finalized at their workplace “Wisdom Music”. While the Video was Produced by 11Eleven Digital, a Delhi based Digital Media Agency.

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