The kid from ‘Nirma Shudh Namak’ Advertisement has All grown up!

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We bet you have you remember the ‘Nirma Shudh Namak’ TV Advertisement from the early 2000’s. Well, guess what? The kid from that same TVC, who said these famous lines has all grown up to become a very successful actor.

Offo! Ghar Ka Saara
Kaam Mujhe Hi Krna Padta hai.
Safai bhi, Shopping bhi.
Bhaiya Ek Suddh Namak Dena

and the advertisement progresses to the Kid in Yellow and blue attire explaining to the shopkeeper what Nirma ‘Shudh Namak’ Means. The Kid’s name is Nabeel Ahmen Mirajkar and he is 26 years old now.

Nabeel had captured the minds of an entire nation of a billion people by his charm and his acting brilliance.

Nabeel Ahmed Mirajkar in the Nirma Shudh Namak TVC Reached Out to Nabeel for a one to one Exclusive Interview to catch up on what he has been up to all these years. Keep Reading to know his story. Nabeel has featured in many other famous TVC’s even as a child.

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I started off as a kid when I was about 3 years old in 1997, did a lot of ads.. I auditioned and got work even then.. A lot of commercials like Maggie, Pepsodent, hot wheels, Casata ice cream.. my most famous commercial was Nirma Shudh Namak with Sanjay Mishra..

The kid from 90s Advertisements
Nabeel in Famous TVC’s of the late 90’s and early 2000’s

The kid says “Ghar ka saara kaam mujhe hi karna padta hai, safai bhi shopping bhi” it ran on tv for nearly 10 years, Vidya balan was doing television then, she did her first ad with me for surf excel, she played my mother in 1998, Amrita Rao did her first ad with me too in 2000 for fairever. I shot with a lot of other celebs like Shiney Ahuja, Kapil Dev, Shweta Tiwari, Mandira Bedi etc..
I did nearly 150 ads till 2007 and then I took a break, finished ICSE and ISC, and then got back in degree college.

After making a come back Nabeel is killing it again with a lot of high profile advertisements and films on the way.

rahul dravid ad
Nabeel with Rahul Dravid in an Arena Animation Advertisment

We asked him a few more questions, Nabeel answered all our question with much details.

1) Which has been your biggest project in terms of production value?

Ans: So the biggest project by far is one film I am doing as supporting with Prabhas bhai (Bahubali), this film will be released next year, we shot the first schedule in Italy.. It’s a big film shot on a big scale, I’m playing a young Doctor in it!

khajoor pe atke
From the film ‘Khajoor Pe atke’

2) Where can we catch a glimpse of you on screen at this moment?

Ans: Some of my projects are on air at this moment,

Illegal on voot, with Neha Sharma and Piyush Mishra, a courtroom drama
& an upcoming Web series for MX player called Chetan and Charlie, it’s a complete Rom-Com, I’m playing the lead, a character similar to Srk’s role in Kabhi ha Kabhi na..

double role advertisement
Nabeel doing a Double role in a recent TVC of TATA CAPITAL

3) How did you get into acting as a child?

As as a kid, I always did plays in school, and my father was a model himself, so got my folio clicked and made me audition, that’s how I started, my parents were very particular about my education so as a kid I only did ads and not any long format.

4) What are your aspirations for this the future?

I aspire to be a natural performer, someone who is very effortless and natural yet very engaging. I want to explore a different variety of roles in different genres like Romance, Action, horror and my favourite is comedy!

Jee le zara Serial
From the show ‘Jee Le Zara’

5) Who inspires you the most in life and why?

The person who inspires me the most in life is Shahrukh khan, I feel his approach towards life is like a Lion, he has always had an attitude of a leader, with immense focus and drive, I can see the conviction in every bit of his approach, he is someone who can never be ignored.

Nabeel shared what he has learned from having a career spanning over 23 years.

I have had a journey in these two decades, I have learned so much, as an actor you really need to work on yourself everyday..

• Formal education is a must and then in your day to day life, read as much as possible (Hindi and English both)

• It’s essential to be clear in your mind, as to what do you specifically aspire to do.. Cracking an ad audition is different from a film or TV.. So you need to understand the technicalities and the guidelines for all these mediums and then accordingly work.

• Very important to be motivated on your own, this industry is full of rejections and setbacks, if you have to make a mark, you can’t give up, you will have to deal with a lot of failures, so instead of getting depressed, you need to make yourself ready to always be positive and have a good vibe with a lot of energy by watching motivational content, listening to good music, working out and meditating, etc.

We had a great time following Nabeel Ahmed Mirjarker’s Journey from the ’90s to 2020, we hope you had fun reading this exclusive article too.

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