7 Unbelievable things found in a travel bag at the security check post of Airports

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Airports are places with a diverse group of people meeting up all in one place and this gives rise to chances of weird things popping out of people’s luggage. Check out 7 Unbelievable Things found at airport security

1. A Cannonball

iron canon ball at airport

Things are as bizarre as cannonballs were found in the luggage of divers. A professional diver found some cannonballs in a shipwreck at California.
He decided to check it in his luggage. They were believed to be more than 200 years old. The security officer found it to risk and the flight of 298 people had to be evacuated.

2. 200 Tarantulas

exotic animals spiders air travel

You would take lots of memorabilia from the various places you have visited. But, a living creature is far too much. A German couple was caught at Amsterdam airport carrying
more than 200 rare tarantulas, which they got from their South American holiday. God knows what they would be doing with that many spiders.

3. 51 Tropical fishes

aquatic animal smuggling airplanes

One of the places in the world where quarantine rules are hardest, you should not be doing anything fishy.
At the Melbourne International Airport in the year 2005, border security officers heard sloshing sounds from
the skirt of a woman. It was later revealed that she was carrying 51 live tropical fish (carrying illegally).

4. Lipstick Stun gun

stun gun lipstick at airports

You must have seen some high tech and unbelievable weapons in our very own agent 007 James Bond movies.
But, a stun gun was found disguised in the shape of the lipstick. One woman decided to bring her lovely lipstick taser with her.
This was found in the woman’s back in Vermont. The exact voltage was 350,000 Volts!

5. Chastity Belt

chastity belt at airport security

Have you guys ever gone through a metal detector and it starts beeping, how scared you get.
Similarly, at Athens airport a British woman was stopped by security as she passed a metal detector.
She was wearing a chastity belt as a guarantee of her loyalty to her husband during her holiday. Couples can get very dramatic at times.

6. An 8 year old boy

human smuggling airport

Have you ever joked in your life with anyone that pls pack me in your bag at take mw with you.
Someone seems to have taken it very seriously. In 2015 in Spain an 8 year old Ivorian boy was found in a suitcase that had arrived from Morocco.
It was reported by BBC news Africa as he was smuggled from Ivory.

7. Dead Snakes

Snakes found at airport

In the year of 2007 a man coming from South Korea into Atlanta, United States had a suitcase filled with jars and bottles full of deadly venomous snakes. It still classified to date what he intended to do with those deadly reptile bodies of the snake.

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